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Jeannie Carter-Siddle

7 Year Old’s Testimony
The Facebook post below was shared by my good friend. She is an amazing single mom of a 7 year old son with autism. Last night he was given his Big Dream from the organization Dream on 3. The cool thing about autism is that, many times, social “appropriateness” is thrown out the window. God used it!

Kim’s post:
This was an amazing night. It wasn’t just amazing because we in a room full of people that love kids or it wasn’t just that Jonathan found out that his dream of meeting Thomas Davis is getting granted. The very best part of the night was that when Molly Grantham asked Jonathan who his hero was he said Jesus. He witnessed with his pure sweet heart to a room full of 400+ people. Thank God for letting me borrow him for a while and blessing me with being his mom.   1-30-17

Ginger Church

Christmas Envelope
I had meant to share this earlier but time gets away. Before the Sunday the Christmas blessing envelopes were handed out, I knew already knew who I would give that envelope to. I felt very strongly that it was someone in our church that needed it, even spoke about it to John Curran about it and he reassured me that if God spoke to me than that was who it needed to go to. Funny thing ,after that I never saw the people at church again although I knew they had been there, it was just different services. So here I am the week of Christmas with my envelope, not sure what to do with it. I am a nurse and I had a patient that I was discharging that day. A woman who had been assaulted and she was so embarrassed that she had no clothes to wear home had no way to get home and had no money. She had to take $100 from her rent money to pay for oxygen that she needed to be discharged with at home. She told me she would probably be evicted because the $100 for the oxygen came out of her rent money and she didn’t have enough money to pay the rent at that moment. God touched my heart and said this is where your envelope needs to go. So before I called her cab, which the hospital paid for, I went to my locker and got the envelope from my purse. I went back to her and told her that He’s Alive Church gives each family in envelope with money to bless someone in our community at Christmas that we prayed about and I felt the envelope needed to go to her. She opened the envelope in front of me and there was $100. God is good!


Beth Stirewalt

God To The Rescue
After receiving our envelope we prayed and asked God to show us who and where it needs to go… We added a little to it and put it away to wait for God’s prompting…. A few times we thought we should give it to certain persons we encountered but one time we didn’t have the envelope with us and the opportunity passed by quickly and the other time God showed us firmly that the person we were going to give it to was not the one… After awhile I told my husband if we don’t find THE ONE soon we will intentionally go out and pay for someone’s meal and give the waitress the rest as a tip…. BUT one day after I had picked up my granddaughter from skating we went to Cookout and got lunch, my husband wanted Hardee’s so we then went there to get his.. As we rounded the building there set two young people on the curve with backpacks by their side laughing and hugging each other like all was good and no care in the world… But then that is when God said THEM!!! I was already in the drive thru and had passed them so begin to question it.. But God like He always does put these pounding in my heart like crazy saying IT IS THEM!!!! … after I got my order I went back around the building to find them, they were gone… I knew our lunch would get cold but I had to find them… I then looked inside Hardee;s and there they set at a table in the corner. My granddaughter and I searched for a small New Test Bible that we always have on hand in the car and we went inside with the envelope and Bible in hand. I approached them and asked them was it them that was just outside and they answered yes. I asked if they lived near by, knowing the answer already.. The young guy said looking at the floor, well kinda…. I then asked if they were hungry or had they eaten today and the young girl with a cute red button nose from the cold that I will never forget, said no, see we are kinda down on our luck right now…. I told them God has ways of sending people to others when their is a need and that is exactly what He was doing today….I asked them if they knew Jesus and they both answered yes, but we know some may not know Him personally, so I handed them the Bible telling them it would explain to them who our savior is and if they desired more information there was a card inside that they could use to call someone who would help them learn more about Jesus (I had put a HAC business card inside) and that there was also a little something else inside that might help make their day a little better… The confused look on their faces was priceless as they said thank you, see they hadn’t asked me for anything, they were just minding their own business when I approached them …. I was thankful my granddaughter got to witness God at work, when we got to the car she asked how do you know they will by food, I told her I didn’t know and that was ok, because I was listening to what God said to do… She asked how did I know it was God that told me.. I explained to her as she grows in her faith she will experience many things, but when she experiences the promptings of God she will know 100% it is Him and she must follow where He leads!!! Thank You HAC for allowing us to be a part God To The Rescue and building of faith in our granddaughter.    12-14-16

Ken Engle

Testimony We Gave “Our God Is On Our Side” envelope Blessing to a Single Mom who is a server at the local Cracker Barrel in Kannapolis! God IS ON THE MOVE….:)


Kariann Hartson

Testimony We went to my husband Gary’s cardiologist appointment this morning and the Dr. told him that his heart, which was functioning at 35%, is now functioning at NORMAL capacity. As far as the tests show there are no blockages and/or heart defects. So not only did his kidney disease drop from stage 3 down to stage 2 but he no longer has chronic heart failure. God is so faithful all the time. I am in utter shock knowing that just three short months ago how bad Gary’s kidneys and heart were to now his health coming back and he is getting stronger every day. Thank you Lord for all you do for me and my family on a daily basis. Thank you everyone for all the prayers. I love you all. You are my family!!
With love,
Kariann Hartson



Trish Johnson

We can not say thank you, He Alive Church members enough. Your prayers and visits helped Joe and I get through ten long days. I felt so loved this past Sunday leaving church. How fortunate we are to have such a wonderful church that keeps giving to those in need. We love you all.   11-17-16

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